Premium Roses Inc, through long and effortful endeavors and cutting edge scientific and technological procedures, has revolutionized the floral industry. 

Our main mission as a company is to provide our clients a memorable and indelible product that can be given to a loved one as a sign of appreciation and devotion.  

One year lasting
Fresh flowers

Instead of purchasing flowers with a short life span keep yours fresh and tender for at-least 365 days!

Zero maintenance care

All flowers need plenty of attention and care. 

Not Premium Roses! 

We provide you with a maintenance free product.

Elegantly designed
Luxuriously Boxed

Designed and assembled in the heart of Silicon Valley, the home to cutting edge technology and the forefront of competitive creativity.

70% biodegradable + Environment - Friendly

Premium Roses is an audaciously green company. 

We are committed to an environment-friendly way of production which means most of the material that we use is biodegradable.